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Legoland in Billund is Denmark's funniest and most famous amusement park. It offers loads of fun and excitement for the entire family. Buy your tickets at Vingsted and jump the queue.

Royal Jelling

Kongernes Jelling (Royal Jelling) an UNESCO monument is the name of the exhibition centre which, vividly and amidst beautiful scenery very near the Jelling mounds, tells the story of the time when Jelling was at the centre of Danish history.

Givskud Zoo

Givskud Zoo s a modern zoo with about 100 different animal species from all parts of the world. The safari park comprises a number of wild animals, including several endangered species. Furthermore, it is famous for its impressive lion facility, which offers the opportunity of observing the lions at a short distance. Buy your tickets at Vingsted and jump the queue.


Vejle (12 km) has the most inviting and longest pedestian street, with a vast variety of speciality stores, cafes, squares and shopping centres such as Bryggen and Mary's. The lovely granite paving in Vejle contains several inscriptions from the Jelling monument. It is also possible to get a glimpse of the old stone paving from mediaeval times, and modern fibre lighting changes in all colours of the rainbow.
In Vejle, you can also visit Økolariet, the new and different experience and information centre about nature, the environment and energy.

The valley of Vejle Ådal

Vingsted is situated in the picturesque Vejle Ådal, where the scenery varies between deep, fertile river valleys and wonderful forests with rivers, lakes and streams. Vingsted's location in rustic surroundings makes it perfect as a starting point for lovely adventures in nature.

Hiking and biking

There is a wealth of paths in the area that are very ideal for hiking and biking trips. For instance, Bindeballestien to Bindeballe Købmandsgaard, which was built in 1897 and is still in use. Moreover, it has a unique collection of old signs, furnishings and goods.
Within a short range, you will also find Vingsted Sø, this is what is known as a sacrificial lake from the Iron Age, and Ravningebroen, which is a reconstruction of a bridge from the Viking period.

The girl of Egtved

Egtved-pigen, discovered in 1921, is one of the best preserved bronze age finds. Today, at the finding site you can visit the reconstructed grave mound and the adjacent small museum, which gives a detailed account of the circumstances surrounding the rare find.

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